The first blow does not fell the tree. Is it grammatically correct?

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  • Perfect

  • Yes. An older saying. Perfectly correct: Subject verb (negation) object. Identical in structure to “I don’t eat candy”.

  • did

  • Yes, it’s correct in the context of a style where a story is being recounted in the present tense:

    The woodsman comes to the forest. He picks up his axe. The first blow does not fell the tree. The second blow makes the upper branches vibrate. The third blow brings the tree down.

    It’s a deliberately simple style, as for a children’s story, told in the present tense as if the action were being narrated in the present, even though the events presumably happened in the past.

  • Yes

  • Yes, ‘Felling’ a tree is a little confusing since ‘fell’ is the past tense of another verb, to fall. But you -fell- a tree, present tense.

  • no it should say the the first blow does not make the tree fall

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