The first major military enɡɑɡement of the American Revolution took place near?

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A. Yorktown.

B. Philadelphia.

C. Saratoga.

D. Boston.

4 Answers

  • d

    the battle of lexington and concord was near boston.

  • It became nearer to Boston than any of the different selections, however the 1st enɡɑɡement of the yank Revolution happened on the village eco-friendly in Lexington, MA. Later a similar day, there became a better enɡɑɡement in brotherly love, observed via a working combat each and every of the some time past to Boston. The conflict of Bunker Hill happened around the Charles River from Boston. rfile

  • D the battles of lexington and concord were minor scrimishes however. The battle of Bunker hill was the first major battle but that was near boston harbor. Boston was where the main protests were coming from.

  • D — the war started when the British marched from Boston to Lexington and Concord.

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