The ideal gas model is valid if which of the following conditions is true?

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The gas density is low.

The gas density is high.

The temperature is low.

The temperature is high.

The gas density and the temperature are low.

The gas density and the temperature are high.

The gas density is low and the temperature is high.

The gas density is high and the temperature is low.

3 Answers

  • Ideal Gas Model

  • Ideal Gas Model

  • The ideal gas equation describes gases which follow the kinetic molecular theory:

    1. all molecules are in constant random motion, and their speed is proportional to the absolute temperature

    2. molecules are “points” and have no volume

    3. molecules collide completely elastically

    4. molecules in the gas phase are not attracted or repelled by other molecules.

    Real gases DO have finite volume and the effective volume which the gas molecules can move around in is reduced by the actual volume of the gas molecules themselves.

    Real gases DO attract and repel other gas molecules.

    Gases at high temperature and low pressures behave as ideal gases.

    Density is the ratio of mass to volume. For a constant mass (that is, the same gas) the density goes down as the volume increases, and the pressure decreases as well.

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