The ionic compound name for Mn2(SO4)3?

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Plz help!

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  • Manganese II Sulphate

  • So4 Compound Name

  • Mn2 So4 3

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    The ionic compound name for Mn2(SO4)3?

    Plz help!

  • Manganese (III) sulfate

    If you do a search under manganese iii sulfate, you will find this.

    The (III) is required to specify which oxidative state the manganese is in. This will differentiate what specific “manganese sulfate” you are describing.

    Sulfate is always 2-, and there are 3 of them. So two manganese have to come up with a total of a 6+ charge to balance the charge on the molecule (hence 3+ for each)

    If you just said manganese sulfate, that could also describe MnSO4, where Mn has an oxidative state of +2.

    The correct way to write it would be Manganese(II) sulfate

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    HBr is similar to the other halogen compound, HCl: You should call HBr hydrogen bromide, but it would be called hydrobromic acid when dissolved in water. (NH4)2Cr2O7 ammonium dichromate tin (1V) oxide = tin 4, oxygen 2 = Sn2O4, but this simplifies to SnO2

  • SO4 being sulfate and Mn being manganese, this is

    Manganese Sulfate.

  • HBr -> Hydrogen Bromide 😀 [you can add “gas” behind] (NH4)2Cr2O7 -> Ammonium Dichromate (VI) [roman numeral is important] Tin (IV) Oxide -> SnO2 [tin has oxidation state of +4, so you need 2 oxygen but you don’t need to explain that :)] Hope it helps you 😀

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