The Most Aggressive SUVs On Sale Today

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It seems that nowadays everything seems to be getting sleeker and meaner. There are many cars (Toyota Camry, e.g) that look the part, but here are SUVs (and crossovers) that also look pretty agro that are on sale right now.

Chevrolet Blazer

Although the newborn Blazer is just another crossover (and a disgrace to the original), it’s probably the meanest looking crossover in Chevrolet’s lineup. The slim headlights, edgy lines, and big grille, especially the tinted chrome piece on the RS trim, make it look a bit like a Camaro SUV, which actually looks good for this vehicle.

Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban

Full-size SUVs have always been imposing due to their size, but the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban have a face only Darth Vader could love. The Z71 off-road model takes this up a notch, mostly because the lower bumper has been replaced with a skid plate. This leaves the large, gaping grille as the focal point.

Dodge Durango



Yes, it is based off an old RWD platform and has been around since 2011. However, you can’t deny that the Dodge Durango has gotten meaner looking over the years. This is helped by the squinting headlights and the Charger-like grille. It also has the horsepower to back it up, thanks to the new SRT Hellcat model with 710 hp.

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Lexus LX



Another full-size SUV, the Lexus LX looks like it would eat you. This impression is reinforced by the huge spindle grille and the pointy-looking headlights up front. Like most of their products, there are lines and creases abound and an absence of curves. For 2021, a Sport Package (pictured) includes a lower bodykit which makes it even more aggressive.

Toyota RAV4

Toyota has been trying to make their models exciting lately, even the Camry. And in my opinion, the RAV4 is the most aggressive model in the lineup. This is thanks to the shark-like front end, wheels pushed to the corners, and sharp lines which shows that Toyota is trying hardest on their most popular model

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