The names of the compounds FeS, NaCl,NaOH, and Pb (CN)2 all end in the suffix?

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A. -ide

B. -ite

C. -ic

D. -ate

6 Answers

  • A. -ide (Ferrous Sulfide; Sodium Chloride; Sodium Hydroxide; Lead(II) cyanide).

  • 1) A 2) B

  • I’ll make a guess! (A). Ferrous sulfide, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Oxide, Lead Carbon Nitride

  • These are all binary ionic compounds, which are named with the cation (positively charged ion) first, and then the anion. The anion suffix is ‘ide’, typically, save for oxygen-containing polyatomic ions.

    Your answer is A, ‘-Ide’

  • A





  • A. (sulphide, chloride, hydroxide, cyanide)

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