The number which best completes the sequence below is:107 214 642 2,568 12,840?

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Answers to choose from A=76,400 B=76,004 C=77,000 D=77,040 or E=77,400

6 Answers

  • Your sequence is

    107, 214, 642, 2568, 12840

    The second term is twice the first.

    The third term is three times the second.

    The fourth term is four times the third.

    The fifth term is five times the fourth.

    So we expect the sixth term to be six times the fifth.

    That’s 77,040.

  • First you multiply the prior term by 2, then 3, then 4, then 5… the next term should be:

    12,840 x 6 = 77,040



  • The answer is 77,040.

    The first number is multiplied by 2, then that number multiplied by 3, then that number multiplied by 4.

    Source(s): My big huge brain full of incredible information.
  • 4 -9-15-22 ? 39 whats is the ? i need it

  • D=77,040.

  • d the answer is definitely d

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