the potters cant beat a egg?

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dreadfull team spirit annoyin fans standin on a hill silly ppl

deano had a gr8t way ov stoppin roary delap thts right deano train in front ov him and mcshane took ᴘιss outta delap

ahh hull u do make us laugh

anyway bak to potters

dey cant beat a egg

ha i luv da way yahoo thawt i was onabout drugs

the potters fans r crak heds anyway

sorry 1 min i ave to laugh at that

hull are crap

and what place are we and who put 3 goals past man u

yh yh yh yh



better than potters cud eva do in a centruy

5 Answers

  • haha

  • stoke city are a good team they cant beat egg?, but they beat αɾꜱεnal and drew away to liverpool?, they have a decent team and good fans and thats coming from a nufc supporter plus u have to cheat to stop a player, u just think ur mint cause hull are having a one season wonder like atleast one promoted team deos eg wigan and reading. youll be relegated by next season when phil brown leaves.

    Source(s): HULL CITY ARE CRAP
  • didnt stoke beat αɾꜱεnal ???

    like hull did !!!

    ok yeah anyway

    talk english for a start

    and the delapator ‘rorys throw’ is pretty funny, even though you know what he is gonna do, he still scores from it….

  • but stoke drew to liverpool.

    thats saying something 🙂

  • any chance of getting that in english? i gave up trying to read it!

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