The product of 8/15, 6/5, and 1/3 is?

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A. 16/15.

B. 48/15.

C. 48/30.

D. 16/75.

I got as far as 48/225 but i cant see how it is gonna be any of those answers

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  • You are correct, but it needs to be simplified. By inspection, 1/3 of 6/5 is 2/5, and 2/5 of 8/15 is 16/75.

    Now we check to see if 16/75 = 48/225. I notice that 16 x 3 = 48 and 75 x 3 = 225 (I checked that last number with a calculator, because I’m too old to do this stuff in my head any more.)

    What you need to do is get a ruler in your hands and measure things. Measure how thick a book is and calculate where the center line ought to be. Say the book is 5/8 inch thick. The center is going to be half of that, right? We look at the ruler and see that an inch is divided into halves, and halves are divided into quarters, and quarters are divided into eighths, and so on for as far as it goes. Since half of an eighth is a sixteenth, half of five eighths must be five sixteenths. And you get the same answer by multiplying the top numbers and then multiplying the bottom numbers.

    If you get another ruler it might be divided into tenths and hundredths. Doesn’t matter, an inch is still an inch, eight eighths have to be equal to ten tenths, and so forth. Some rulers are divided into centimeters. Well, an inch is 2.54 centimeters, no big deal. You can even pretend you have a ruler divided into sevenths, or twenty fifths, or anything else, and everything works just the same. With a little practice you can do this stuff in your head and people will think you must be some kind of genius.

  • 8/15*6/5*1/3=48/225

    48/225 = 16/75 (divisible by 3)

    it’s letter D.

  • I got 16/75

  • B The made from fractions is going by means of A / B x C / D = AC / BD, you multiply each and all of the numerator and each and all of the denomators. The denomator would not could be effortless like a addition or substraction.

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