The song that Peter Griffin sang?

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i heard him sing the song on last nights episode. i think he was making fun of dawsons creek. it was a song song by a girl, but i dont know what its called or who its by…

can anyone help me?

3 Answers

  • I think you’re talking about his parody of Paula Cole’s “I don’t wanna wait” song.

    Peter sings a lot of songs though so I could be

    Found the lyrics he sings if this clears it up..

    “I don’t want to wait

    For my lunch to get colder


    Why can’t I eat it now?

    I don’t want to wait

    For, hah hah, new Toyota

    I want the car

    That’s got a lot of gas”

  • The only song I can think of is Rock Lobster. But I dont know what episode your talking about.

  • Can you give more details?

    the first thing i thought of was milkshake by Kelis but that might not be it

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