The theory of plate tectonics helps explain the locations of what? ?

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a.) earthquakes and the lithosphere.

b.) volcanoes and the mantle.

c.) the mantle and the lithosphere.

d.) earthquakes and volcanoes

4 Answers

  • d. Earthquakes and volcanoes.

    Earthquakes and volcanoes are the result of plate movement, which is the basic motion in the theory plate tectonics.

  • i actually do no longer comprehend yet my ultimate wager isn’t any. according to danger the assumption of seafloor spreading might pass greater constructive with the question. you spot plate tectonics is Alfred Wagner’s concept that the continents are slowly shifting. in comparison to seafloor spreading there new crust is being made. Then subduction occurs. so there may be ooze, yet in many situations no longer.

  • b) volcanoes and the mantle.

  • You don’t want to answer your question from school, do you? How do you expect to learn anything if someone gives you the answer. Read the book!.

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