The two primary jobs of parenchyma cells are _____.?

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e)food storage

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  • b and e, These cells are the most general of plant cells. They consist of thin flexible cell walls. They contain a large central vacuole and can carry out most of the metabolic functions of the plant. Mesophyll cells of the leaf are parenchyma cells. The fleshy tissue of most fruits also contain much parenchyma.

  • e)food storage


    Parenchyma cells are the most common type of plant cell. They are quite large and posses thin walls, which remain thin and flexible even when the cells are mature. In addition, they store nutrients for the cells.

    EDIT: Never go through a question too fast. While parenchyma do allow for flexibility, the main photosynthetic areas within a leaf, the palisade mesophyll, carries out the majority of photosynthesis within a plant. Replace a) with b).

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