There was a bird pecking at the window…?

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I think it might have been a little finch or some other little bird. I am here with my fiance at his work (he’s a hotel clerk), it was at about 7:30 when he pointed out a little bird high up in a bush next to a window, pecking away at the window.

He pointed out that it was there the day before…towards the end of his shift yesterday – maybe for the last hour. It only did it here this morning for about 5 mins, in 4 little spurts.

Anyhow, most things I could find about “birdsa pecking windows” was dream related. this isn’t a dream.

I’m curious to know what type of omen this lil guy is. We were alone each time it started in this morning…not sure if he was pecking yesterday when there were guests in the lobby. Any advise on the meaning pecking bird would be greatly appreciated!!

Take care all!

Wow – funny how people go into the Myth and Folklore sections to advise when they know NOTHING about myths and folklore! Get over yourselves and quit bagging on me! If you dont’ know anything about mythology and folklore, then please keep your snide remarks to yourself. You people are so damned simple!!! My god – even a Comic Book Guy has a degree in Mythology and Folklore!!!

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  • he saw his reflection in the window, probably but i did look into the meaning for you.

    i don’t think this an omen if it isn’t in a dream, it is simply a bird-brained creature trying to communicate with its reflection

    but if you insist, since you don’t know the exact kind of bird, i will generalize the symbol. if you see a bird it denotes a sunny outlook in life. You will experience spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. It is almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I would say since the bird was pecking at the window it was trying to get your attention, omen speaking wise. hopefully good fortune is on your way. however, keep in mid that different symbols can mean both good and bad things depenig on the culture you look in to.

    If it was a yellow finch you saw then it symbolizes good financial luck, but not good romantic luck.

    good bird omens usualy inlcude something to his affect:seeing white birds, or birds, to your right, Seeing birds approaching (the greater the flying height the greater the good fortune) Seeing a dove, peacock, robin, swallow or woodpecker, A gull landing on any ship you are travelling in.

    Bad bird omens usually include things to this affect : Seeing dark birds or birds seen to your left, Birds flying away from you (they take the luck with them) , A gull brushing against you with its wings (this is an omen of death) and Magpies. It can aslo be considered bad luck if a bird flies in.

    good luck, but trust me I would not read to much into this one. I believe in meanings behind things too, but this doens’t sound like an omen to me, it is the start of spring and the bird probably sees its reflection.

    I hope this little bird did mean good luck for you though :]

  • Bird Pecking At Window Omen


    Some birds really have a fancy for just that one thing only. It is seeing it’s reflection and it is considering it’s reflection as it’s foe. The reason why it doesn’t peck other windows could be that it has not discovered it’s reflection on other windows. I have seen this with one particular Jungle Babbler. It would keep pecking at these window pieces which our neighbours have embedded on the their wall to prevent strangers scaling the wall. All the other babblers would do their chores and this particular one had a fancy for only that piece of mirror. It would come at the same time in the morning and evening and start doing it everyday. It was really amusing and funny.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    There was a bird pecking at the window…?

    I think it might have been a little finch or some other little bird. I am here with my fiance at his work (he’s a hotel clerk), it was at about 7:30 when he pointed out a little bird high up in a bush next to a window, pecking away at the window.

    He pointed out that it was there the day…

  • I didn’t give any thought to the bird beating on my bedroom window, until it became a ritual it performed every day for at least two weeks. There were times when I thought the bird was going to break the glass. I watched that bird everyday pound on the window, so I tried to figure out why. I cut the limb of the small tree outside the window so it didn’t have a perch to sit on so it began clinging to the windows edge with it’s feet and still it pounded. Then just like that it stopped, I was very curious, I never saw the bird again. My mom died that week. I believe in this particular omen.

  • Your bird is coming to that window because it’s in ‘its” own territory, and it sees another bird of its same species invading. The “other” bird is its own reflection in the glass. When it arrives every day to feed on seeds or whatever, it sees this “other bird” and that bothers it. Animals do NOT understand “reflections” and the ability for glass, chrome, mirrors, or water to show them “back” their own images. Dog, cats, birds, and even Apes can be kept amused for days with their own images in a mirror.

  • It’s a freaking bird pecking on a window – get over it.

    You’re not going to become rich and famous because a bird pecked on your window.

  • I don’t know but in superstitions I have heard they if you hear an owl hooting that it means death to the family but it just a superstition, maybe the little fella just wanted to come in!

  • Meanings of omens vary according to culture. I think you can decide for yourself what you want it to mean. Meaning is in your head. I think you should take it as a good omen to help you move forward.

  • their is a finch hanging around my window he is grey chest brown @ black head and Bick black .he is sitting on the window and fence and taps on the window .he is their for the last few day can you tell me if it good luck or bad he sings some time and falls a sleep a lot and falls of the window

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