There’s a riddle “Can a match box?” “No, but a tin can.” that I don’t understand. What’s the meaning of it?

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  • It’s just a play on words. A matchbox is an actual object, but the riddle breaks it down into match the noun and box the verb. In response, the answerer must do the same thing, a tin can is an object but by saying “a tin can” it sounds as if the answerer is insisting that a tin is able to box, rather than a match. Double meanings for both phrases you see, that’s what makes it so funny!

  • You just summed it up the best it could be summed up. I hope with this question we don’t have to see anymore “Is The Undertaker really gone”. I have seen it 100 freakin times. This is all apart of a storyline and he will return. Even if he is gone, he will make a comeback, only if it is for a short period of time, that is not the last of The Undertaker. Like the way you said it, STARRED!

  • Can A Match Box

  • It’s a play on words: Can a match (flaming kind) box (as in boxing)?

    No, but a tin can (as in the tin is able to box.)

  • the tin can box bt a match can’t!


  • Can A Matchbox

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    lol. there are a lot of ignorant marks on here.

  • I am very sorry, but I do not know. But I saw that it was a ? from the Impossible Quiz.

  • It means that you should get a life – seriously !

  • the smallest is the i

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