Things that come in bunches?

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I need a list of things that come in bunches. G ɾąքҽ s and bananas are all I’ve managed to come up with.

Thanks in advance for your creative input 🙂

12 Answers

  • flowers



    electrons (that took a little “googling”)

    Honey BUNCHES of Oats

  • Fools come in bunches.

  • bananas, g ɾąքҽ s, women to or from a bathroom.

  • Bunch of onions.

  • the Bradys

  • garlic,celery,buns,batteries,tea bags,eggs,crackers,tissues,toilet paper & shower curtain rings.

  • Diamonds…….:) As in, “I would love to have bunches and bunches of diamonds”. :)…Oh, and oreo’s. Because you have to eat bunches of those too!

    Source(s): Just being silly tonight..:)
  • radished, bananas, idiots, jerks, animals etc. etc. etc.

  • hugs,kids,carrots

  • PANTIES! haha. also Flowers/roses

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