This a must be close. Who’s better between Jamie Carragher vs Titus Brambel?

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11 Answers

  • Carragher is ten times the player Bramble is.

    He just was a little out of position for Drogbas’ second.

    It happens, but not very much to Carragher.

  • The best defender in England, Jamie Carragher.

  • Titus Brambel of course.

  • Titus Bramble for England!!

  • this is an obvious answer just look at the players records carragher wins heads down.

  • Bramble > Zidane > Traore > Carragher

  • Carragher.Bramble miskicked the ball and let Andrew Johnson score

  • wigan fans would love to have Carragher instead of bumbling bramble

  • they both ꜱᴜcκ man honestly England arent know for being defensive are they so why should there defensive players be any good

    Carragher is better

  • Obviously a follower of scum

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