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A friend of mine gets this message when trying to access some favorites in ie7. “This link is not authorized by Yahoo! If you would like to continue to this link’s intended destination at your own risk, click here.” Is this caused by a Yahoo toolbar setting or something and how can I get rid of it?

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  • Sometimes internet explorer 7 just doesn’t work correctly so try right clicking on internet explorer icon and click on the option that says browse without addons. If it still doesn’t work then you may need to update internet explorer 7 to internet explorer 8 you can do this buy going to then clicking on internet explorer 8. Normally you will see the link almost automatically no scrolling is nessary.

  • Just started getting this today. TrendMicro listed all the sites as safe. Not so surprisingly, many of the sites I wanted to go to, were on There was a link in the warning to continue on, anyway, which I did. More surprisingly, some of the sites were to Yahoo answers, so I think the answer really is that something is broken at Yahoo, and since this problem repeats at least once every year, or two, it’s probably something to do with them updating one of their link tracking/protection programs. I’m going to reboot, and see if it goes away. Fwiw, I’m an IT professional (I write software, am a network tech, and build/fix computers, etc.), and while it seems silly to think the problem could by something on my end, you never know – could be a file update that can’t install, or a bad cookie. “When in doubt, and always before calling support (i.e. me), reboot first.”

  • It wont let me go no ƒᴀʀтher than this link is not authorized by yahoo, no matter what web site im trying to go to. Whether its looking at houses or job or just browsing, I get nothing. I have to go thru google to look. The only thing Yahoo will let me bring up is my game that I have been playing for years and its an yahoo online game. If I have to continue to go thru google then I might as well make it my home page and not mess yahoo again.

  • Here it is 6 years later, Feb 2015, and I just got this message; and came to this thread. This clearly means that Yahoo may think it is a security risk. And no, it has nothing to do with “add-ons.” None of it has anything whatsoever to do with “internet explorer…” working correctly or not. This is a message from Yahoo, saying, “Be warned, you may be going to a nefarious site that could cause harm to your computer; if you still want to take the risk, then you are on your own, matey.”

  • I get that screen and can’t go any further than that. It’s been happening for about a year now. Of course Yahoo has such good customer support I can’t get it resolved or even get an answer at all from them. How do they stay in business like that?

  • This is the first time it’s happened to me, and Yahoo may think WebMD and other similar trustworthy sites are

    “nefarious” but I’d rather believe Yahoo has a problem.

  • I even get this warning from Yahoo when I try to access YAHOO! Yahoo is warning me against itself. I am using Firefox on a MacBook Pro.

  • I am adding many children’s immortality sites to the internet data base daily. This risk page is interfering with that plan…..go figure….internet policing with no authorization from the public. Big sister builds all big brothers so don’t blame big brother.

  • I have same problem too. It is happen when I use Chrome with Yahoo search.

    I try to us firefox with Yahoo Search, the problem seems to disappear.

  • I hardly believe that a link to Amazon will lead to the gates of hell.

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