Tim’s grandfather’s son is Mike’s dad. HOW IS MIKE RELATED TO TIM?

this question blows my mind?! lol anybody answer it without deep thought.

7 Answers

  • Tim’s Grandfather = Albert

    Tim’s father = Bruce

    Put them in list, one generation per line




    Bruce is the son of Tim’s grandfather and Mike’s dad. Mike will be one line below Bruce, on the same line as Tim.

    Mike will be either Tim’s first cousin or Tim’s brother.

  • If the grandfather only had one son, then Tim and Mike would be brothers. If the grandfather had two sons, then one could be Tim’s dad and the other could be Mike’s dad (making Tim and Mike 1st cousins). We’d need to know whether the “grandfather’s son” referred to was the same person as Tim’s father or not.

  • The grandfather’s son might as well be the only son, because if he has more than one son, it would be “one of Tim’s grandfather’s sons”.

    Therefore, Tim’s grandfather’s son is Tim’s dad AND Mike’s dad, which means, Tim and Mike are BROTHERS! 😀

  • cousin

  • They are cousins

  • they are cousins

  • they are brothera…i think. hah. (:

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