Tip do u?……..?

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Hello, since theres no dine in, do you guys give

Tip for to go food? Yarhouse, applebees cheese cake factory ect…?

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  • ttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • I’ve tipped here in Cape Cod, MA!!

  • Yes I tip. I did curbside with Outback last night my bill came to $46. I tipped $10

  • If I don’t have to go inside and they save me the trip, I tip. As to how much I tip is up to me and not about how much the meal cost.

  • Yes- I always tip for takeout.

  • Yes, I do tip when I get curbside service at places like those. The same as if things were normal and I were dining in. 

  • That’s an interesting question. It used to be that if you ordered food at a counter and picked it up there, you didn’t have to leave a tip (that’s different from curbside, where someone brings it out to you) anymore than most people leave a tip when they go through McDonald’s drive-thru window. But now there are tips jars on those counters, and places to add tips on the credit card check. And people are aware that restaurants are suffering and people are out of work. I did not leave a tip the last place I picked up food at the counter- now I’m feeling guilty about it! I do tip wait staff and delivery people very well. 

  • Rarely. I tip when I think they deserve a tip for going out of their way for their customers. Not for just doing what’s required for the job.

  • Yes. If normally a dine-in facility that can’t provide for dining in, at least a $20 tip.

    I went to Pizza Guys last week, the pizza was $26. The tip was $20.

    Before that, I picked up from a grill house. Two cheeseburgers, fries, salad totaling $40. Left a $40 tip.

    The people working at these places get minimum wage and depend on tips that have pretty much dried up because dine-in is not available. And the tips are in cash – not charged to credit card.

  • I don’t go to those places you mentioned. But there is a small family owned restaurant close to me where I frequently get food to go. My favorite meal costs $12.79 and I give them $15.

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