Tips To Make An Abridged Series Funnier?

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I’m making a Naruto Abridged series by my own. I write the script, do 95% of the voices and edit. Several of my friends did say that the episodes are quite funny, but for some reason, I don’t agree with them. I always feel like something’s missing there. You can have a look at episode 3 and 4 if you want to.

Naruto Abridged Episode 3:

Naruto Abridged Episode 4:

So I need some tips on scripting. If any of you are good at writing funny stuff, what would you suggest? How do you think I can improve on my scripting?

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  • I have seen a lot of abridged series. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And I must say. I’m really impressed!!! You’re a really funny guy! (you have earned another subscriber :D)

    Um, if you really need advice, I would say more pop culture references. Don’t overdo it of course. I mean, I think you pretty much got that down in episode 4 though.

    Also, it has been so long since I’ve seen Naruto. How many episodes are there per abridged episode? (if that makes sense. lol). If you’re not already, I would start abridging maybe 2 episodes at a time in each episode. Naruto is a pretty slow-paced anime, and putting another real episode into an abridged episode would give the overall episode more substance. If you are already putting two episodes, ignore this comment. lol

    For the most part, keep doing what your doing. I’ll be watching 🙂

  • in case you’re properly with improving in abode windows action picture Maker, you may take a public section interview with certainly each and every physique familiar, shrink out the scenes with the interviewer, and insert your self asking uninteresting/random/humorous questions that their responses would fit. only beware on a similar time as posting for open techniques for webshows by using undeniable fact that there are a number of sickos obtainable contained available who attempt to get you to do all varieties of twisted stuff…

  • One thing is to have them mouth the most stupid of platitudes so they are so incredible earnest, it’s ridiculous

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