To make sure a bolt-action firearm is unloaded, you must check the:?

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a. magazine and trigger

b. open action and magazine

c. open action and muzzle

d. muzzle and trigger

9 Answers

  • Open the action and visually ensure the chamber and the magazine are empty. If in doubt, stick your little finger into the chamber.

  • Bolt Action Firearm

  • Open the action and check the chamber.

    I take my magazine out after I fire the rounds I loaded into it every time as I count my shots and remove it after the final shot, and I remove the bolt before I even put the gun back into the vehicle.

    Source(s): Do my safety checks after I get done with each magazine and leave the bolt open until I’m ready to shoot.
  • You open the bolt and check the chamber and magazine. So it could be B.

    What news report did you read?

  • I used to have a friend that looked down the barrel to see if a gun was unloaded. He is now dead. I would suggest some other method.

  • Remove the bolt, magazine or floor plate and inspect the chamber.

  • Take the saftey off aim at the window and pull the triger. If you shoot out the window you know it was not unloaded, but is now.

  • B

  • B

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