To minimize the invasion of privacy. users and organizations should:

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26. To minimize the invasion of privacy, a. enable access to ones personal information to all interested parties. b. keep co

can interfere with users control of their computers, through such methods as 29 installing additional software and redirecti

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26. c. Use verification procedures to ensure data
is something which users and organizations should
do to minimize the invasion of privacy.

27. a. Be kept secret is something which the
existence of record-keeping systems storing personal data should
not be to minimize the invasion of privacy.

29. b. Spyware can interfere with users’
control of their computers, through such methods as installing
additional software and redirecting web browsers.

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30. a. Sniffing is the process of capturing and
recording network traffic.

31. c. Pharming, which is similar to phishing,
is directing internet users to fraudulent web sites with the
intention of stealing their personal information, such as Social
Security numbers, passwords, bank account numbers, and credit card

32. a. Sabotage is a computer crime that
involves destroying or disrupting computer services.

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