“To the moon Alice!!”?

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Can anyone tell me the meaning/emphasis to this phrase “To the moon Alice”?

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  • It’s from the TV show “The Honeymooners.” Usually Jakie Gleason’s character would say, “To the moon, Alice!” while pumping his fist. I think he meant he would punch her to the moon if he could, but he never did.

  • Alice Kramden

  • It was taken from an old TV comedy show (50’s or 60’s)

    The wife was exasperating the husband and he said the famous line while shaking his fist at her, “You wanna go to the moon, Alice? You wanna go to the moon?”

  • an old tv show “The Honeymooners” Ralph Kramden would get irritated with his wife, Alice, and shake his fist at her and say “One of these days, one of these days, to the moon, Alice!”

    Classic comedy

    I used to love watching that show when I was a kid

  • Ralph Kramden from “The Honeymooners” used to say it to his wife Alice when she sassed him. It basically means he’s going to slap her so hard that she flies to the moon.

    It is sometimes preceded by “Bang-Zoom”

  • To The Moon Alice

  • From the ‘Honeymooners’ – Jackie Gleason’s character often used this threat to his wife. (Never followed through on it, though.)

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