transition states..please help!!?

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Which of the following is an allowed transition?

a. l=1; ml=0 to l=1; ml=1

b. l=1; ml=0 to l=1; ml=-1

c. l=1; ml=0 to l=2; ml=2

d. l=1; ml=0 to l=2; ml=0

Which of the following is a forbidden transition?

a. l=3; mi=2 to l=2; ml=2

b. l=3; mi=2 to l=2; ml=0

c. l=3; mi=2 to l=4; ml=3

d. l=3; mi=2 to l=2; ml=1

In the Zeeman effect, the energy levels of hydrogen are split by a magnetic field. Each state with a different value of has a different energy. The differences in energy between adjacent values of are all equal. The Zeeman effect is observed as a splitting in the spectral lines of hydrogen in the presence of a magnetic field. What is the greatest number of lines that a single spectral line can be split into by a magnetic field?

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1 Answer

  • right answers are :

    c. l=1; ml=0 to l=2; ml=2

    d. l=3; mi=2 to l=2; ml=1

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