Travelling back from spain?

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My friend has just come back from spain and due to the new restrictions he has to isolate for 14 days. He has now been back for 4 days, took a covid test yesterday and it has come back negative today. Does this mean he still has to complete the rest of the isolation days? Thank you.

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  • Yes he can end his quarantine except authorities will see this with a different eye

  • Best to make sure you get an answer from a legally competent authority.

  • Yes, he does. The incubation period is longer than 4 days. He could test negative in day 4 and positive later.

  • Yes. First no test is 100% accurate so even a beg could actually be false. The test could be poorly collected. The viral load could rise and fall etc 

  • Yes – he still has to complete his quarantine.

    COVID symptoms can stay undetected for 10 days. 

  • Okay ill let him know. I’m curious about this delay on the symptoms. Let’s say he picked it up in Spain and came back here but it takes 5 or more days to show symptoms. Surely the virus would still be in his body, and the test would pick it up? I don’t know much about this but I’m confused how a virus remains undetectable for 5+ days and then decideds to show? 

  • Yes, it can take at least 5 days to show.

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