Tresaderm left out of fridge help!!!!!!?

I accidentally left my cats eat mite treatment unrefridgerated for about 2 hours the most. It was very hot today and the room was warm. I then put it in the fridge and took it back out to give it to my cat hours later and again stupidly left it on the table but it got cool and fresh at night. Did I mess up and is it still ok to give?!? Please help me!!

3 Answers

  • Merial, the manufacturer of Tresaderm, has stated to veterinarians that it can be effective even when left at room temperature for 5 days. Of course I wouldn’t advise it, but it will not harm the ears just because it was left at room temperature for a little while. Drug companies test for these occurrences because they know that many clients will leave it out of the fridge at one point or another. Also, Tresaderm is an antibacterial that can be used in the ears or on the skin, but it is not effective on an ear mite infection. So just be sure with your vet what the diagnosis was from the ear cytology (ex: yeast infection, bacterial infection, or ear mites), if they gave you an ear mite treatment AND Tresaderm, it’s probably to decrease the redness/inflammation of the ear caused by the ear mites…it just won’t get rid of the ear mites if used alone.

  • While that wasn’t the best choice it should be OK. Just be more careful in the future – it does store best when refrigerated. Never hurts to call the vet for reassurance. Phone calls (which the office staff handles) are free after your visit – they welcome questions.

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