True or False: Alcohol and drug abuse only affects intoxicated individuals ?

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  • False. Every decision, both good and bad, you make affects those around you.

    Bad desicions, including but not limited to, Drugs and alcohol can affect finances and create problems between family, friends, and the law.

    Good decisions can help better the lives of people around you.

    Source(s): Life. I am a casual drinker.
  • False.

  • False. It also affects their family and friends (usually the ex-friends) The people they kill when they drive and have accidents, those peoplse familirs. It affects their work performance, their co workers, possibly the reputation of their company.

  • it could tear aside and divide a relatives. The relatives’s existence would be packed with lies, denials, blames and a ton of finger pointing. the toughest area is to get somebody to realize and have faith that they even have an alcohol or drug concern, as quickly as you are trying this, then you fairly can start to get them help to sparkling up the project. I went via this and it actually divided the relatives using persons’ mendacity; and now he needs forgiveness…bull$hit!!

  • false

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