True or False: Satan and Lucifer are not the same fallen angel?

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I’m an atheist so it doesn’t really matter to me, but I’m just curious. I find a lot of religious stuff, including all the rankings and kinds of angels, rather interesting (from a theological viewpoint, not a religious one).

I’m also asking because I have four angelfish, and i named them all after angels. There’s Micheal, Gabriel, Raphael, and Lucifer (he’s all black). I named the all black one Lucifer thinking that it’s the name of the devil and what not. But after looking into it, I found some places that said the Bible never mentioned Lucifer and Satan as being the same angel, just that they were both powerful fallen angels.

Is that true or not? Oh, and does anyone have any reliable sources where I can learn more about angels, because they are kind of fascinating in a way.

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  • When the OT was written the Jews didn’t believe in a fallen angel/incarnation of evil/opposition to God. The Bible says quite clearly that both good and evil came from God.

    Isaiah 45:7:

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

    Satan was the name given to one of Gods angels however in Job he is talking to God in heaven and does his work.

    Lucifer isn’t an angel at all, just a name given to a king of Babylon.

    Inbetween the writing of the OT and the NT the idea of an evil adversary of God became popular in Judaism (in the Book of Enoch for example) and was common place by the time Jesus was preaching. The idea probably came from Zoroastrianism. Hence, earlier mentions of Satan, Lucifer as well as the sɴᴀκᴇᴅ in the Garden of Eden, all came conflated into one entity

  • Lucifer is never mentioned in the bible. It is the name of a very wicked person who lived a long time ago but still in the mondern generation that they call him Satan too. After some time, the news spread out in their village (especially those who are uneducated w/ bible) and thought that Lucifer is really Satan! Now, people confused Satan for being Lucifer too, but the truth his, Satan was a fallen angel but Lucifer was a human.

  • False

    Satan = resister

    Lucifer = Shining one

    A descriptive designation applied to the “king of Babylon.” (Isa 14:4, 12) The Hebrew expression comes from aGYoot meaning “shine.” (Job 29:3) The rendering “Lucifer” (KJ, Da) is derived from the Latin Vulgate.

    The nane lucifer is not another name for Satan in the Bible although people generally accept that it is

  • a million) this isn’t a query. it particularly is pointing out what you think of is a fact. 2) the character of Lucifer/devil/devil has no Biblical help different than as a call given to human beings counting on context. the 1st is a Latin word that purely happens in St. Jerome’s and the King James Bibles. devil is Hebrew for “Accuser” and applies to a servant of God interior the tale of pastime. It even applies to God himself while one considers that “devil” and “God” advised David to extensive form the folk interior the dominion. The notice “devil”, or “Diablo”, is Greek and is a literal translation of”devil” from Hebrew to Greek; we’ve not have been given any reason to suspect it as a single person in the process the Bible. 3) devil does not seem interior the Genesis journey. It grow to be an elementary talking legged serpent. or maybe then, it wasn’t a trick via fact he in fact advised the fact. 4) Your god is the fake one. no rely if it is not, then instruct it above the loads extra.

  • Satan is a fallen angel. Lucifer is another name for Satan.

    I am doing an in depth study of Angels. I have just finished Angels by

    Billy Graham, and have started a book called Angel encounters. For your e mail address, I will be glad to send you a copy of my study, when [email protected] God Bless.

  • Lucifer is only known as the morning star. no where does it say that he was Satan. The title Satan would have been donned to anyone who seemed to be fighting the religion and people. I’m not sure where you can out more about angels, but there is a text titled Solomon’s Greater Keys and Solomon’s Lesser Keys that you may find interesting.

  • The word angels in Hebrew is malachim.

    The word satan in Hebrew is adversary and Lucifer is a Latin word that means dark light or light bearer but the original name in Hebrew is Hillel הִלֵּל (הילל) (Hilel) (He) praised, glorified. The past tense masculine singular form of the verb לְהַלֵּל (lehalel).

  • Lucifer, Aka Satan, are one and the same, Satan is the Hebrew word for adversary. And He earns the title quite well.

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  • According to the Bible, ‘Lucifer’ is not an angel at all, but a metaphor for the king of Babylon.

    Satan is not a fallen angel at all, but just an angel.

    A ᑕнιcκ tract? Someone quoted a ᑕнιcκ tract as evidence? Holy cow.

  • False, they are the same.

    You can learn more about angels by using the Catechism of the Catholic Church

    Try these parts as well:

    Hey, why not google search the Bible:

    Source(s): Catechism of the Catholic Church

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