Twirling a Baton angular momentum?

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A majorette in a parade is performing some acrobatic twirlings of her baton. Assume that the baton is a uniform rod of mass 0.120 kg and length 80.0 cm.… baton’s pic.

Initially, the baton is spinning about a line through its center at angular velocity 3.00 rad/s. What is its angular momentum? in kg * m^2/s

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  • The magnitude of angular momentum equals L = I x w, where w = angular frequency (the magnitude of angular velocity) and I = moment of inertia for the long uniform rod rotating around the axis through center = 1/12 m x L², so L = 1/12 x 0.120 kg x (0.800 m)² x 3.00 rad/s = 0.0192 kg m²/s

  • Twirling A Baton

  • It is possible, although I’m not 100% certain

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