two trig questions that I don’t really understand?

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Which trigonometric functions do not have real zeros and which trigonometric functions are even?

please explain this to me! :]

3 Answers

  • y = sec x and y = csc x have no zeros

    y = sec x and y = cos x are the only even trig functions out of the six. The graphs of even functions are symmetrical over the y-axis

  • Trig functions (there are 6) that do not have zero values

    are the secant and cosecant (respective reciprocals of the

    cosine and sine functions).

    Even (trig) functions are those that are symmetric about the

    y-axis. If f(x) = f(-x) you have an even function. [Among the 6

    trig functions that would be the secant and cosine.]

  • which trigonometric functions do not have real zeros ?

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