Uncarelessly, does the word exist?

If not, what do I say when I want to say “not caring”?

How about uncaring?

How about carelessly? Does that mean NOT caring? Is it a word?

How about carelessly? Does that mean NOT caring? Is it a word?

Okay.. I’m going to reask a simple question, please just give me a simple answer!!! What in the world do I use when I want to say I’m doing something without caring (minding)? Like, if for ex I had OCD and just let those thoughts come in, and didn’t care, what word do I use? I let the thoughts come in, ________. Carelessly? Uncaring? Both? Huh? 🙁

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  • No, it would be a double negative.

    The prefix ‘un’ means “not”, or “the opposite of”.

    So to say ‘uncarelessly’, you would be saying “not carelessly”, or “the opposite of carelessly”.

    ‘Not carelessly’, or ‘the opposite of carelessly’ would be “carefully”.


    ‘Uncaring’ would be correct if you are trying to say “not caring, unfeeling, heartless, selfish”.


    ‘Carelessly’ would mean “doing something without showing concern for the details.”



    I uncaringly let the thoughts come in.


    I am uncaring to the thoughts that come in.

  • Carelessly

  • Uncarelessly is a double negative, and thus can be expressed with:


    Uncarelessly is also not a word. Carelessly is.

    Let’s disect here:

    Carefully = Doing something with care.

    Carelessly = Doing something without care.

    Uncarelessly = Doing something withouth, without care.

    Uncarelessly = Carefully.

    EDIT: Uncaring is indeed a word. Somebody who is uncaring would do things carelessly.

  • Uncarelessly is not a word. Uncaring does mean “not caring”.

  • Uncaring is a word but uncarelessly isn’t.

  • NO.

    the opposite for caring is uncaring

    careless is the opposite for careful.

    I think you should have started by saying that…how on earth would we know?

    if you are doing something, but you are not being careful enough you can say:” I’m careless”

    On the other hand, if you are doing something but your thoughs take you somewhere else, then the word is absent minded

    you can say: ” I’m being absent mindedly”

    I hope this is what you are looking for

  • I think you want to say uncaring.

    “uncarelessly” would just mean “carefully”


    “care” and “careful” are two very different words.

    “careless” is the antonym of careful

  • There is no such word as uncarelessly. It is a double negative anyway and so just means carefully.

    Uncaringly would do. You could also use inconsiderately as it is a more common word if the meaning translates correctly.

  • uncarlessly is not a word. theres carlessly, (being careless, eg leaving a loaded gun with kids. and then theres carefull. (keeping yur gun locked up) uncaring is a word and probably the one you are looking for.

  • not caring:






    I think words you might use to fill in the blank of your sentence could be randomly or erratically, which would mean without thinking rather than without caring.

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