Unobtrusive research differs from other survey research in that?

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Unobtrusive research differs from other survey research in that

A. it can be carried on without concern for random sampling.

B. it’s often employed to evaluate the effects of social programs.

C. it doesn’t have an impact on the subjects being studied.

D. it can produce longitudinal data that permits correlations among many variables.

I really need to understand this question so if anyone can please explain the solution I would really appreciate it. I think it is C but my science textbook does not detail this subject and I have checked out all the facts online but still can not get it. Thank you for all your help in advance!

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3 Answers

  • I agree that it is C.

    Reason for this:

    Unobtrusive means that it is not going to case harm or inconvenience to the subjects. So C would go with this well.

    This is found many times in observational research and in field settings

    Source(s): B.S. in Psych and Sociology
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  • unobtrusive research usually means that the people being studied are not aware of the role of the researcher.

    have a look at your four possible answers to see whether this description seems to confirm your guess

    ps disorie.. //’s answer is better than this one

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