Using Lewis structures and formal charge, which of the following ions is most stable?

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I don’t know how to figure this one out?

2 Answers

  • ::O=C=N::^- <—> ^-:::O-C-triple bond-N: [resonance hybrid]

    has complete octets on each atom,no charge separation, and the ^- is on an electronegative atom

    ::O=N^+=C::^-2 <—> :::^-O-N^+-triple bond-C:^-

    requires charge separation and either a _1 or a -2 at a low electronegativity C

    ::N-O:^+=C::-2 has incomplete octets and charge separation. It has no stable Lewis structures in its resonance hybrid.

  • OCN- (if you’re using MasteringChem) *This makes sense to me because CN is cyanide and must be bonded to each other in molecule.

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