Was Darian O’Toole ill?

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  • Darian O Toole

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    Was Darian O’Toole ill?

  • Darian O’Toole had a long difficult history with substance abuse and reportedly received treatment.

    Her death was a result of a respiratory failure as she recovered from a broken leg in an Oakland, California hospital.


    R.I.P. Darian. Thanks for entertaining me during my years in California.

  • He most definatly deserves an Oscar even an honerey one for services rendered. He is a wonderful actor very underated and should have had one years ago but lets face it your right it will be “oh what a great man” AFTER he has gone. Do not worry we know he is great and not many actors can be as versatile as he is.He must feel terrible but if he reads this his heart will be lifted.

  • They atribute her death to complecations from a broken leg but many believe it was a drug overdose.

  • yes mentally

  • Ok. That makes more sense than what the papers said. Thanks for that info.

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