was Ronald Reagan a good president or not?

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Before I came to this country when we learned in our schools about american president we were taught how good he was, and how he help american economy. Also my uncle would come over in the holidays telling how great it was.

But when I moved to america for college all my teachers make jokes how horrible it was, and how many stupid things he done.

And when I watch american television there always jokes about him

I’m just so confused growing up hearing how great he was now to come over here and hear this new stuff!

which is right

war on drug was his wife, and what’s wrong with that?

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  • Bad President Reagan! No jelly bean!

    Just in case it wasn’t clear to folks, and it seems not to have been:

    Ronald Reagan was a very bad president. Not a very good president.

    Under Reagan, we sent the deficit skyrocketing, growing faster in real dollars than under any other president, including the current one. We cut social spending to the bone, creating the homeless problem by turning hundreds of thousands of mentally ill people out on the streets. We appointed Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court. We cut school funding, trying to classify ketchup as a vegetable. We banned the Beach Boys as attracting the wrong sort of crowd. We traded arms, money, drugs, and hostages between Iran and the Nicaraguan rebels. More appointed officials were indicted and convicted of crimes than under any other president. We gave chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein. We claimed that trees cause most pollution.

    He catastrophically lowered taxes in 1981, creating debt so high he raised taxes each of the next six years and still didn’t make up for it. And while he streamlined the complex and exemption-riddled income tax, his changes created the largest-ever shift of tax burden from the wealthy to the middle-class and working poor.

    He was a bad president, who promulgated bad policies and appointed bad people.


    Reagan was President from 1981-1989. Look at this chart to see how inequality rose starting with his presidency:


    Don’t believe me? Google “reagan inequality” and find out for yourself. The rich got richer and many more became poor under Reagan — as always happens under Republican presidents. Do the research.

  • Street crime exploded to a whole new level in the form of gang violence. A ƈɾąƈƙ cocaine epidemic, an aids epidemic, gasoline shortages, the number of nuclear weapon on earth increases some 2000 percent, we tilted dangerously close the verge of complete nuclear war, Merrill Lynch effectively took over our treasury, the middle class vanished, evangelicals became political figureheads, terrorism around the world exploded, the man was caught illegally dealing arms across the black market – frankly i don’t understand what the “good” part of his presidency was for anyone outside the military industrial complex. Unless you’re main interest was seeing the unification of church and state. Heck even the music in the 80’s ꜱᴜcκed.

    Maybe he was a good President. And if that was the case – well then it must have just been really bad timing.

    Just review these answers… The detractors are pointing out facts and events which can be verified. The supporters on the other hand saying only “he was great – the liberal education system ꜱᴜcκs” but with no basis for either of those claims.

  • Reagan was at the helm when the US trained Osama Bin Laden and his brethren to fight the Soviet Union. I’d say that move kind of blew up in our nation’s face. A presidential fail.

    Reagan gave the Iranians weapons and vehicles in their war against Iraq only months after Reagan gave weapons to the Iraqis to use on the Iranians. I guess that move backfired as well.

    Reagan filled our jails with non violent drug offenders while corporate greed ran amok on wall street. Looking back,who was more dangerous to America? Reagan knew who to take care of and it was not the average Joe.

    To all who praise Reagan’s economic philosophies i challenge you to highlight the pros and cons of “Reaganomics”. I have asked this question to many Republicans who consider themselves “Well Read” or “Highly Intellectual” and not one has any idea of what they are talking about. They all blabber about “Trickle Down Economics” and “Some get all and all get some” but they fail to account for the level of corruption and greed that those policies bred. That greed still haunts this nation to this day,that is why we are in this mess that we encounter today.

    Reagan was the pits. The worst of the worst. The bottom of the barrel. The scum that grows on slime. I can understand why people tried killing him,he was a menace to the Democratic system who turned his back while corporate America raided the coffers.

  • Love Reagan! “particularly, we could desire to understand that no αɾꜱεnal, or no weapon interior the αɾꜱεnals of the international, is so ambitious because of the fact the will and ethical braveness of unfastened adult men and girls. that’s a weapon our adversaries in right this moment’s international have not got.” ~ Ronald Wilson Reagan Reagan had our help. it somewhat is why the international enjoyed him. If we pronounced undesirable issues approximately Reagan why does not all people else? the comparable is desirable right this moment.

  • Actually it depends on your point of view.

    For middle class America Reagan was disastrous.What made America great was our vibrant middle class which gave us the biggest and strongest markets.By allowing unrestricted access to our auto markets by foreign competitors killed many key American industries like auto manufacturing,steel,rubber.Losing millions of jobs since Reagan first took office.

  • Well, life on Earth still exists! We never got wiped out by a nuclear war, so my answer would be yes! I think that Reagan was the best President to ever take office in the 20th century. Nobody had to deal with a situation with the magnitude that Reagan had to deal with.

    We were so close to WW3! I don’t believe that anyone could have handled that situation better than Reagan did. Reagan was very intelligent as well. He was probably smarter than Bush, Obama, and Clinton combined!

  • He promised to reduce the Debt and deficit spending. Instead he tripled the debt.

    He promised not to deal with terrorists – instead he sold Iran advanced weapons and lied to Congress about it.

    He caused the largest Recession since 1929 with bank deregulation – the savings and loan collapse of 1989. Sound familiar?

    He was an actor, former Democrat, divorcee and Union President, who railed against Hollywood, busted Unions and complained about “moral decay.”

    He had nothing to do with the fall of Communism, other than making a speech.

    Source(s): He was a very charming man, but a very bad President.
  • Overrated and evil: he destroyed Democracy in Central America, supported death squads against innocent peasant farmers, and sold weapons to 3rd world capitalist rebels all over the world.

    I seriously wish he is suffering the worst pain imaginable right now for what he did to those poor Nicaraguans, honestly.

    Source(s): if there is a hell, it’s built for people like Ronald Reagan
  • It depends on who you ask. The unfortunate thing about politics is that even in death, the facts aren’t enough to judge you on. Kennedy is painted in the same light as Mother Teresa and Reagan is demonized. I think he did a damn good job, but I wasn’t alive back then. All I know is we didn’t go into an economic collapse under his watch. He also kept the Soviets in check.

  • nearly every time i saw him on television he was asleep, but i am sure if you woke him and asked him, he would say he was a great president

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