We too Vs us too?

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I am learning English and love grammar very much. Yesterday, I sent my friend, who speaks English and is a doctor, a reply to her text message.

She said “we’re on our way to the game”. I replied “we too” (my husband and I).

She was laughing at the answer and showed her daughter and they both were laughing, not in a mean way, but a cute way.

I hear people here saying “me too”, when I think it is “I too”, if it is before the verb in a sentence, although it sounds “funny” as they would say.

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I still have doubt of which way is the correct one, though.

I am very sure it should be “we too”, but can someone confirm this for me? Thank you!!!!

6 Answers

  • “We too” is grammatically correct, but almost no one talks this way. Most people will say “us too” or “me too”, but won’t think it strange if you say “we’re on our way as well”, or “so are we”.

  • You can’t, not without breaking the law (in several countries by the sound of it). Choose one and stick with her, and hope she doesn’t find out you tried to have multiple wives. And you do know that south america is not part of the USA, right?

  • it is definately correct to say ” i, too” or “we, too” ( for more than one person), but we often do not use the correct grammar. so you could probably say it either way, but if you don’t want people to think you sound funny and you also want correct grammer, just say something like “I am, too” or “I will, too”. most people think that sounds okay.

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