Weird spots on glasses lense won’t come off?

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I have these weird tiny spots on my the lenses of my glasses. They look like dried up water spots. I’ve used windex and my glasses cleaner but they spots are still there. They dont affect my vision unless I look up to the sun or when the sun shines in my face while I’m driving and it looks like my glasses are really dirty to other people. How can I get the spots off? I really like these glasses.

I can always get these glasses again and I have other pairs but I don’t feel like waiting.

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2 Answers

  • If they don’t clean off, then you might have a damaged lens coating.

    I remember having this on two different occasions – once when I got my face too close while blowing into a campfire, and another time when I cleaned my glasses with water that was too hot.

    Bring them into your optician and have him/her take a look.

  • Well my guess is you just ruined them. You never, ever , ever want to use window cleaner on your glasses lenses. Your glasses have coatings on them and they are very delicate in how you need to handle them with cleaning them. I’m sure it seems a waste of money to buy the special cleaners for your glasses but it is worth it considering the cost to replace your lenses. While i am scolding you I am sure if you use window cleaner on them you probably also use paper towels and toilet paper and tissues on them as well? Those are also no good as they all come from wood so they tend to put very tiny scratches on your lenses.

    Source(s): Retired optician

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