were do i go to take the home depot in-focus quiz?

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i recently got hired at home depot and while i was waiting for the interview i saw a poster about going online and takink the in-focus quiz..ive looked everywere and cant find it nowwere.help

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  • You have to take the quiz on the computer at work. The link is found on “My Apron”. This is to prevent you from working off the clock.

  • I worked at Home Depot in North Atlanta for 8 months in 2005. This “quiz” must be new. I can tell you what happens next because it is still the same I understand. By the way, I enjoyed working there while “in-between” careers but the pay was extremely “low” for my experience and especially the knowledge I had in the same store because I shopped there, still do, for 15 years +. I was in “Tool Rental” but at times in other areas assisting when needed.

    Home Depot has a very good “orientation”, a Thursday evening, all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday. You cannot go to work until you complete all phases. Be on time, DO NOT miss a day.

    Home Depot’s continuing education is mainly through “computers” for employees and “training manuals” targeting your area or department assigned. Insure YOU complete in a timely manner MONTHLY. This is RETAIL and YOUR hours can vary so carefully check the schedules. Weekends, holidays, evenings, early morning, Home Depot is open so plan accordingly in advance if time off is necessary.

    Once in YOUR store you will assist in many functions. YOU are on a “time clock” and MUST remember to use. Pay close attention to when YOU can “punch” in/out. Remember, Home Depot is a target for “crooks”, be careful what you say and offer to assist or find others that can.

    Good Luck, stay positive. Be nice to ALL customers regardless of attitudes.

  • Myaƥŗ.ǫŋ Homedepot

  • Myapron.homedepot.com

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