what advantages of attending a community college?

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  • It is definitely cheaper and if you want to mess up the first two years of your college career,community college is the place to do it. Because you are basically going to take your general ed at community. You want to maintain decent grades before transferring though. Going to a community college will prepare you for upper division courses (major classes) at a University.

  • If I could step back in time I would have never went to University. A big waste of time. I have a master’s degree and still can’t find a job. My dad told me I should just go work at walmart ! In community college they actually help you prepare for an actual job and it can take only a year or two. If you want to go into any sort of medical area such as nurse or respiratory therapy you should just go to a community college and do the 2 years and you will have a job offer before you even graduate and you will be making good money. If you care more about making your parents happy then go to university but honestly a Bachelors or Masters degree is not worth what it used to be.

  • It is commonly less expensive and because you can be living at home, it probably costs less than room and board at a distant school.

    Many community colleges offer 2 year programs in useful stuff like welding, auto repair, and aircraft maintenance that are supported by local employers.

    Doing a good job with academic courses in a familiar city may ease admission to a large 4 year college in a strange city, without everything strange hitting at once.

  • I think there are a lot of advantages:

    1. Tuition is cheaper than a large university

    2. Your basic classes are easier so it helps get your GPA high for when you do transfer to a big school.

    3. Classroom sizes are usually smaller so you get more one on one attention.

    Overall I think community college is a good idea. I paid for my community college as I went through. I then had to take out loans for my bachelor’s degree. So I am only $20,000 in debt vs. $30,000-$70,000.

    Good luck, hope I helped.

  • You can take the same basic courses for MUCH MUCH cheaper than a University, and you can always transfer to a university. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I spend less money attending a community college, then when I found what I wanted to do, transferred to a university. Why spend more money on the same credits?


    * Expense. Community colleges usually are a bargain compared to four year schools. If you're planning to transfer, you can take your core classes at a community college and save money on your bachelor's degree.
    * Quality instructors. Of course, there are good teachers and bad teachers everywhere. But many instructors who teach at community colleges often are more focused on teaching than college professors. Community college jobs are highly competitive, which leads to quality teaching.
    * A degree in two years. Four years can be an awfully long time.
    * Great for nontraditional students. Community colleges often are much more geared to the needs of nontraditional students than four year colleges.
    * A good transition from high school. If you don't feel prepared to go to a four year college after high school, or you didn't do well enough to get into a school of your choice, a community college can be a great transition. Remedial classes are available to help students prepare, and if you prove yourself with a high GPA at a community college, acceptance to a four year school will be much easier.
    * Close to home. If you're not ready to leave home or can't afford to do so, look at nearby community colleges.
    * Classes may be more career oriented. If a four year college isn't right for you, look for associate degrees from community colleges and technical colleges that will help you advance your career.
    * Opportunities for high school students. In some school districts, students have the option to take classes at a community college to fulfill both high school and college credits.
  • Save Money, Live Home and get the same education as the high price colleges

  • Good things:

    1.Easy to get in



    Bad things:

    1.Not as big and flashy as Universities

    2.You can’t get into Med School if you go Community

    3.Far away from manipulating parents(well,at least mine:/)

    If it were up to me,I would try to get into a University

  • It’s much cheaper. Community colleges are smaller, class sizes are smaller, and the instructors are more accessible.

  • smaller classes, more one on one, CHEAPER, and closer to home. Im going to community college before i attend a university to get all my “basic” classes out of the way.

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