What are all the Jacks information for?

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I am really am curious about the various jacks that i have on my jack information.

L R Green Rear panel 3.5 mm Jack

C Sub Orange/Pink Rear Panel 3.5 mm jack

RL RR Black Rear Panel 3.5 mm jack

SL SR Gray Rear Panel 3.5 mm jack

L R Green Front Panel 3.5 mm Jack

Is this the same as a surround sound system jacks?

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  • These are output and input jacks for surround sound or microphone and other input, depending on what you initiate and hook up to them. Several are multifunctional, the microphone jack may alternately drive a center channel when certian surround sound modes are initiated. Your system software area governing your sound card answers all these questions for you if you look.

  • This site tells you the significance of the colours http://www.hobby-hour.com/electronics/sound-card-c…

    And this one describes the small diagrams adjacent to (some of) the jacks http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/s/souncard.htm

    With reference to your first respondent’s answer; I also, looked on the internet and found these, amongst other links, very quickly.

  • Rear Panel 3.5mm Jack

  • All of those 3.5 mm mini output ports/jacks are usually only found on computer sound cards and they connect to the inputs on computer speakers (only computer speakers usually have those ports/jacks).

    2.0/2.1 (stereo) = Lime green.

    5.1 (surround sound) = Lime green, orange, black.

    7.1 (surround sound) = Lime green, orange, black, silver/grey.

    The lime green rear or front analog output is for the front left+right speakers (and subwoofer for 2.1 systems) or left+right headphones. Most people use the front for headphones and rear for speakers.

    The orange rear analog output is for the front center speaker and for a subwoofer.

    The black rear analog output is for the rear left+right speakers.

    The silver/grey rear analog output is for the side left+right speaker.

    Computer speakers may also use the pink analog microphone audio input.

    Light blue = analog line level audio input.

    Brown/Dark = analog line level audio output for a special panning, ‘Right-to-left speaker’.

    Gold/Grey = Game port / MIDI.

  • I honestly don’t know either I have looked all over the internet and can’t really figure it out. My manual alos doesn’t say. I believe they are a sort of audio output jack.

  • All of your answers are in the manual.

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