What are Centrinians?

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someone asked this a year ago and never got a proper answer, so I’m answering it myself:

AARDKLUIT: If you are asking because you watching “As Time Goes By” and were wondering about the British Theme Party Sandy was going to go to with Harry — I think the term was “St Trinian’s” which refers to a ficitional girls school where the girls were depicted as wicked and naughty and wore outfits with thigh high dark stockings.

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4 Answers

  • People living on a planet called Centrino?

  • The definition of the girls at St Trinian school, which is not what they say, wore long skirts and school uniforms. I am watching the episode now, and wondered about it too, as they use the word like a commonly known thing. The sort of shepherdess outfit Sandy ends up wearing as a ‘mistress of Centrinia’ or more confusing. There is a Centrinian publishing company of children’s book, but that is even further off of the black stocking risque look that was implied in the show. Can’t find a thing; now Wikipedia when I need it! .

  • I’m watching that episode now.

  • People who live to be 100 yrs old plus?

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