what are dominic zamprogna’s tattoos of?

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does any one know what the tattoo on is arm is???

does any one know where i can fid a good pic of it.

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  • Here is the answer he gave to soap opera digest.

    The one on the back is a doodle he drew in high school. The band around his arm is the taurus sign and he and his twin sister both got tattoos when they turned 18. The one on his other shoulder is a bull, loosely based on the wall street bull (also the sign of Taurus) and the one on his chest he didn’t say what it said or signified, only that he and his best friend got the same tattoos.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    what are dominic zamprogna’s tattoos of?

    does any one know what the tattoo on is arm is???

  • i read the article and posted a Q too about Dominic coming on and well, it did say that dominic would cause waves all through PC..but since the story about dante hasnt changed much since rumors started saying that he might already be in the organization using a different name who knows now. and they are both to debut wks apart from eachother. maybe dominic is the start to having dante coming in. maybe those two work together..i am just eager to see who it is… when dante shows up we are supposed to be surprised since he will already be on screen and we wont even know it..i guess when we see olivia freaking out then we will know…

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