What are nail colors of the akatsuki?

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Can someone please tell me the color of each akatsuki members nails? Because i know there not just all black or purple. They each have a different color.

I kno zetsus are pink, itachis are purple, sasoris are green, and yea… i just dont know the rest

6 Answers

  • Deidara: Black

    Itachi: Light Bluey-Purple

    Hidan: Dark Purple

    Kisame: Purple

    Konan: Red

    Pein: Burgandy

    Sasori: Dark Turquoise

    Tobi/Madara: Gloves

    Zetsu: No visible nails/ Magenta

    I hope you’re grateful – that took a good while to find 😉

  • Kisame and Itachi and Kakuzu: Purple

    Diedra: Black

    Sasori: Green

    Zetsu: Pink/Magenta

    Pein: Ruby Red

    Konan: Orange

    Hidan: Green(I think)

    Tobi and Madara: Gloves

    I hope that helps, and I’m not positive these are all the right colors! 🙂

    And they might be slightly off..

  • I think they’re all black – I know for certain that Itachi’s are and the others look just as dark…

    Ah, here we go:

    “All members wear black nail polish on their fingers and toenails, although the colours vary in the anime,”


  • Hmm? You dont see all of them. Black is usually the color because it’s on their toes. But then you see itachi’s hands and his nails are black. That’s the only one i see at least. And i think Zetsu’s is black Idk about Tobi. (O.O 😉 Woah. You see tobi so much but you never see his nails…. Scary NOT THE POINT anyway most of the ones i see are black ^.^ Hoped this helped ~ DaRkWiNdS

  • I always thought that it was Black or purple? I’ve never seen any other colors?

  • dont know

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