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Best Answer for the word that starts with the letter z!

10 Answers

  • Zabaglione- an Italian custard/pudding

    Zakuska- a Russian appetizer

    Zamang- a type of ornamental tree

  • Z Christmas Words

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    Angel Baby Christ, candles, carols Drummer boy Evergreen, Frankinsence (sp?), Family, Gift, giving Holly, Happy, Holy Inviting, Incense (sp?), inspiring, icicle Jesus, Jolly Kings (three), Lord, love Myhrr, Merry, Mary, Manger Nutcracker Ornament Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum lol, presents, peace, poinsetta Quiet, quilt (to keep warm) Reindeer, red, rudolph Shepherd, Star, Saint Nick, Santa Claus Tennenbaum, toys, tinsel Unity, under the tree, Visitor Wassailing, Wishing Xmas, X’s and O’s Yule (tide/log/etc) Zealotry,

  • Welllll.. Here goes

    One is a Zither, a musical instrument used sometimes in musical ensembles including those that play carols.

    Zillions is what my mum used to mention as the number of things she needed to do before Christmas

  • It’s when the Easter ZOMBIE was born, silly!

    Umm. Ziploc-bags for Christmas left-overs? 🙂

  • Twaz ze night before Chrizmaz, and all through ze houz, not a creature waz zturring, not even zee mouz.

    (Juz havin’ ze fun hon!) lol

  • – Zipity Doo Dah, Zipty Dee Day, My Oh My, What A ………<><…

  • zeal

  • i have one Zither ! good one 😉


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