What are some country songs with the lyrics “brown eyed girl”?

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HELP! My boyfriend wants me to find one and put it on a CD for him so he can sing it to me :]

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  • There’s the one by Van Morrison called “Brown Eyed Girl” which is a Rock/Pop song and it’s a real famous song, in fact the most famous song of that type. You say give me a song named “Brown Eyed Girl” and basically 10 out of 10 times people will mention the song by Van Morrison. Sorry I’m not sure about Country though.

    Crystal Gɑץle who is a country singer made a song “Dont It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?” but there’s no “brown eyed girl” in her lyrics. But that’s also a good song nontheless. Cheers!

  • Brown Eyed Girl Lyric

  • Brown Eyed Girl Song Lyrics

  • the only song i can think of is Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

  • i dont htink there is a country song about brown eyes but

    i do know lady ɡɑɡa has a song about brown eyes

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