what are some funny powder puff names for hannah?

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im having trouble coming up with some powder puff names…does anyone have any ideas?

powder puff is girls football, juniors vs. seniors

3 Answers

  • Hannah Banana

    Hannah Bandana

    Hannah Montana

    Hannah Indiana

    Hannah Savannah

    Hannah Anna

    Hefty Hannah

    Hollywood Hannah

    Hungry Hannah

    Haha hope this helps! (: and also it doesnt just have to be with your first name it can be your last. For example, one of my friends last name is Hough so she did Rough Tough Hough. Also it doesnt have to be about your name at all. It can be about you or your personality as well (:

  • It would help if people knew what a powder puff name is…

  • State chums. xD

    Or you can use your state name like

    Newyork Chums

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