What are some nicknames for Alexis?

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I know there is…





Would Alley work as a nickname for Alexis?

Thanks so much guys =)

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  • Allie







  • Alley is perfectly fine, there’s loads of names for Alexis and names like it.

    What about Alis too like Alice, Elix (like Ellis or Eh-Lix) or Elixa (Ee-Lix-Ah)? Or maybe Axel?

    My names Morgan Alex so my nicknames are Momo, Molex, Lexie, just Morgan, just Alex, Lexa or Axel.

    You can have Alexa, Alexie or Alexia too.

    Hope I helped!

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  • Lexi.

    I knew a girl who went by Ali. (Like Alley).

    I love the name Alexis =]

  • Yes Alley would work

  • Ally is the only other one that I can think of that’s not on your list

    EDIT: Yes, Alley would work. Ally or Ali or Alli are all the same.

  • Lex, Lexy, Lexi, Alex, Lexis, Lexus, Ally, Alli, Alley, Allie, Lee, Izzy (that last one is a stretch, but…)

  • I’ve known an Alexis who went by Allie. So yes!

    SiSi (see-see) would be cute too. Or Sissy. Lila and Lilly might work too!

  • Ally was the first nickname I thought of.

  • Iss




  • Lay, Lay is cute while she’s little but she will end up creating her own nick name by how she acts. Don’t pick it now, wait and find out how she is and make a nic name from that.

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