What are some nicknames for Avery?

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How common of a name do you think it is?


EDIT: For A Girl!

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  • Avy (Avie) – pronounced A.V.

    Ery (Erie) – pronounced Air-ee

    I’d say it’s unique and adorable, the perfect name!

  • It is not that common. Some nicknames could be Avie or Ave or even Ava

  • My name is Avery and I get called





    AJ (My middle name is Jayne)

    Its a very uncommon unique name, I don’t know anyone else with my name!

  • Avy or Avie, Avers? As far as how popular of a name it is, you can find out exactly at the social security website here… http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/

    Avery was the 48th most popular name for girls in 2007.

  • It’s not common for a girl at all. I only know a boy named Avery. But I like it for a girl to.






    Ery (Air-ee)

  • Ave or Ava, you also could have your own lovable nickname that you call her, my daughter is termed Ava and our nickname for her is Ava quaver 🙂 think you also could have Eve or Eva as yet another version. Or Ry reported Ree…. Any shorten way might want to be positive. i also idea Ree-Ree might want to be extremely sweet.

  • I like Ava

    I haven’t heard Avery in a while. I don’t think it is very common

  • Avie baby

  • Avie or Ave

  • Avie sounds the cutest!

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