What are some of the Beatles’ Nicknames?

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I’m writing an essay on the Beatles and i was wondering if they had some interesting nicknames i could use. (ex. The Fab Four)

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  • Fab Four


    Ringo (Richard is his name)

  • The Beatles Nicknames

  • well some nicknames for the band were The Fab Four, the Mop Tops, and thats all i can think of for now.

    i also remember John was the smart beatle, Paul was the cute beatle, George was the shy beatle and Ringo was the sad beatle.

    hope that helps a little.

  • George was the ‘Quiet Beatle’

  • I only know the Fab Four and the Mop Tops.

  • Well before they were the beatles they were first the Quarrymen and then they were the Silver Beatles…I dont know if they had any other nicknames besides “The Fab Four”…MonkeyDamour’s answer is also true…

  • Well, they had Paul- The cute one, John- the smart one, George- the shy one, and Ringo- the funny one

    A nickname for Paul is also Macca.

  • John was “the intelligent one”, Paul was “the cute one”, George was “the mysterious one”…and there was Ringo.

  • what about froggie

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