What are some popular ouija board spirits/demons?

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Are there any other famous ouija board spirits like Zozo that appear quite often when people use a ouija board? I believe Gotzusl is another famous demon lord, just wondering if there are any others that appear quite frequently as well.

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  • THE famous Ouija spirit is Pazuzu. Not zozo, that was Jimmy Page’s name when Led Zeppelin was hitting on the charts. Pazuzu.

    He was a minor demon figure in Assyrian or Babylonian (I forget which) lore, but he wasn’t entirely evil. Only gods in Abrahamic religions (ie: Christianity) are 100% good or evil all the time, in other religions the gods and spirits can go both ways.

    Anyway, Pazuzu was the supervillain in The Exorcist, which is without question still one of the most frightening movies ever made. No kidding, that movie has damaged people for life. Even with the cheesy 70’s haircuts and cinematography, The Exorcist makes any 20 other horror movies look like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Just don’t watch Exorcist II, because then you find out this big bad demon is actually a god damm cricket. They never should have made that sequel. Anyway…

    Like Zozo, Gutzusl is a nobody. Nothing but an internet meme. If you wanna play Ouija, play it right. Contact Lucifer himself, or Cthulu, or Ares the god of war, or Elvis or Ozzy. I know Ozzy isn’t dead yet, but his ghost does that anyway. Remember to turn the lights low (or off if you spring the extra $5 and get a glowing board), light black candles, and have pentagrams and 666es everywhere. Then, and remember this, after you’re done you have to turn to the other players and say “I wasn’t moving it, were you moving it, because I swear I wasn’t moving it” while looking them in the eye. The whole game is useless if you don’t do that part.

  • Define Ouija Board

  • zozo originated in internet fiction. The ones that appear often generally are inventions of superstitious enthusiasts who don’t know the difference between the reality of the occult and their fictional stories.

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